Relationship Therapy Judye Hess Ph. D.

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Welcome and thank you for your interest in my psychotherapy practice. Finding the right therapist can be challenging at best and this is only magnified when one is feeling stressed or confused in their relationship life.

My focus is on Relationship Therapy, seeing two or more people in a session together, be they a couple, a family, or a group. I also work with individual clients and focus on their relationships with significant others in their lives, their relationship with themselves, and their relationship with me.

I have found that interpersonal therapy (what I call RELATIONSHIP THERAPY), is quicker, goes right to the heart of the matter, and can actually be enjoyable. I don’t necessarily believe in the “no pain/no gain” philosophy of healing. I also found that working in the interpersonal dimension is where my natural talents and interests lie. I have seen situations where people who don’t work out well in individual therapy, can do a lot more healing when working together with a partner, a family member, or in a group.

For me, the therapy process, be it with one individual or with many, is one of collaboration and mutual transformation. Fostering a trusting environment, built on a foundation of respect, compassion, and self-growth for all concerned. I have seen many moments of change occur in people who have been struggling with their lives and have had relationship issues for years. It can be very exciting as well as empowering to break through one of these challenging aspects of relationships. Rarely am I not moved in some way by a session.

Working on telehealth (Zoom) exclusively.

"No Garden is weed free; no mind free from unwanted thoughts..many psychological problems arise because we mistake our thoughts for reality"