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Almost 30 years ago, I decided to focus my practice on working with more than one person, be it a partner, parents, or the whole family. I was also touched by folks who wanted to be in an intimate relationship but were instead feeling lonely and isolated.  The intimate connection that is engendered in individual therapy can be a very healing experience.  Also, Group therapy often seems like the right choice, as we can join with others in a family-type setting and create our own meaningful relationships in that context.

Relationships are so complex that it's often hard to see our way to a different place without the help of an empathic outsider who can hear all sides of a situation. My hope is for each of us to explore our own deepest truths and express them in individual sessions, to our partners, our family or other group members, in a situation of being witnessed and supported.

In all my therapeutic work, I try to create a safe container in which deep, honest, authentic communication among participants is encouraged. I focus on guiding you to relate honestly and directly in the here and now, often helping to see “problems” as opportunities for personal/spiritual growth rather than as something to be fixed.

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Please write to [email protected] or call (510) 843-5683.

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